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Policing and Its Critics, forthcoming.

The 'Lost Cause" of Cultural Studies:  Ernesto Laclau After Stuart Hall

PMLA, forthcoming (co-author)

On the Drag of the Ship(ped)

Social and Cultural Geography, forthcoming (co-author)

On the Dilemmas of MAN: Intersections Reconsidered

Know (the) Ledge: Critical Essays on the Limitations of Hip Hop Studies, forthcoming (co-author)

Contest or Die: The Dialectics of Immunology

Practices of Disciplinary Refusal, forthcoming

Rodney King Riots

Oxford Bibliographies in African American Studies, 2024

Ex Aqua in the Mediterranean: Excavating Black Power in the Migrant Question

Modern Migrations, Black Interrogations: Revisioning Migrants and Mobilities through the Critique of Anti-Blackness, 2024 (co-author)

Hip Hop Studies in Black

That's the Joint! The Hip Hop Studies Reader, 2023

Black Pain

Syndicate, 2022.

Public Health Policing and the Case Against Vaccine Mandates

St. Thomas Law Review, 2021.

Slavery and the U.S. Prison System

Global Policy, 2021.


Existence in Fire

Syndicate, 2021.

Hamilton and the Minstrel Show Remix

Black Agenda Report, 2020 (co-author).

Still Missing and Murdered: Atlanta's Lost Children Address Today's Plague of Police Violence

Black Agenda Report, 2020.

Confronting Pandemic Police Powers

Abolition Journal, 2020

BAR Book Forum: Tryon Woods’ Blackhood Against the Police Power

Black Agenda Report, 2019.

Marronage, Here and There: Liberia, Enslavement's Conversion, and the Settlers-Not

International Labor and Working-Class History, 2019.

Review of History Teaches Us to Resist: How Progressive Movements Have Succeeded in Challenging Times

Journal of African American History, 2019.

This is Black Excellence

IMixWhatILike!, 2019.

The Implicit Bias of Implicit Bias Theory

Drexel Law Review, 2018.

Can A Leopard Change Its Spots? Undermining the Black Studies Tradition

IMixWhatILike!, 2018.


Putting ‘Afro-Pessimism,’ Intersectionality, and Solidarity to Work

Black Agenda Report, 2018.

‘Stand Your Ground’: Siwatu-Samala Ra and Black Self-Defense II

Black Agenda Report, 2018.

‘Rest in Power’: Stephon Clark and Black Self-Defense I

Black Agenda Report, 2018.

Requiem for Laquan: Policing as Punishment and Prosecuting ‘Reasonable Suspicion'

Temple Law Review, 2017 (co-author).

The Sadism of Anti-Trafficking and the Erasure of Racial Slavery

Open Democracy, 2017 (co-author).

Pedagogy in Revolution, for the Counter-Revolutionary Stretch: Pan-African Correspondence Across Space and Time

A Luta Continua: Re-Introducing Amilcar Cabral to a New Generation, 2016.

Racial Optimism and the Drag of Thymotics

Conceptual Aphasia in Black: Displacing Racial Formation, 2016 (co-author).

'Something of the Fever and the Fret’: Antiblackness in the Critical Prison Studies Fold

Conceptual Aphasia in Black: Displacing Racial Formation, 2016.

Campaign Cover Stories and Fungible Blackness, Part Two

Abolition Journal, 2016.

Campaign Cover Stories and Fungible Blackness, Part One

Abolition Journal, 2016.

Upgrade and Upstage: Injunctions Against Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, 'Black Feminism,' and Hip Hop Studies at the Ledge

Journal of Popular Music Studies, 2015 (co-author).

Against Hip Hop Studies

On Marronage: Ethical Confrontations with Antiblackness, 2015 (co-author).

A Re-Appraisal of Black Radicalism and Human Rights

On Marronage: Ethical Confrontations with Antiblackness, 2015.


Where is the Danger in Black Studies and Can We Look At It Again (and Again)?

On Marronage: Ethical Confrontations with Antiblackness, 2015 (co-author).


‘Sexual Poetic Justice’: Hip Hop, Antiblack Desire, and Legal Narratives.

Hip Hop and the Law: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement, 2015.

Slavery’s Afterlife in the Mediterranean Basin

Open Democracy, 2015 (co-author).


The Antiblackness of ‘Modern-Day Slavery’ Abolitionism

Open Democracy, 2014.

Ex Aqua: The Mediterranean Basin, Africans on the Move, and the Politics of Policing

Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory, 2014 (co-author).

Hip Hop Studies in Black

Journal of Popular Music Studies, 2014 (co-author).


'Beat It Like a Cop': The Erotic Cultural Politics of Punishment in the Era of Post-Racialism

Social Text, 2013.


Surrogate Selves: Notes on Anti-Trafficking and Antiblackness

Social Identities, 2013.


The Flesh of Amalgamation: Reconsidering the Position (and the Labors) of Blackness

American Quarterly, 2013.


Review of From Black Power to Prison Power: The Making of Jones v. North Carolina Prisoners Union

Law & Society Review, 2013.

The Gender Entrapment of Neoliberal Development

Genders, 2012.


Hip Hop and the ‘Post-Racial’ Legal Un-Conscious

Journal of Race, Gender, and Poverty, Southern University Law Center, 2010.

The Plantation Society, circa 2008: Discussing Immigration Through the Lens of Criminology

Radical Teacher, 2009.


The Jena 6 and Black Punishment: Raw Life in the Domain of Non-Existence

Seattle Journal of Social Justice, Seattle University Law School, 2008 (co-author).

The Fact of Anti-Blackness: Decolonization in Chiapas and the Niger River Delta

Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge, 2007.


Globalizing Social Violence: Race, Gender, and the Spatial Politics of Crisis

American Studies, 2002.


The Violence of Global Spaces: Race, Gender, and Simultaneity

Passages: Interdisciplinary Journal of Global Studies, 2001.





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